Here’s ya famous GSE

Posted on May 17, 2011 by


English Premier League side West Ham United were holding a dinner to celebrate their season’s end. Although the side were relegated, the team wanted to get together to celebrate their hard-fought battle. Team supporters showed up to cheer on their team, but their hooligans got the best of it.

Some of the more rough and rowdy West Ham supporters (infamously known as the Green Street Elite in the film, Green Street Hooligans) voiced their opinions in an unsettling manner which led to a few dust-ups and flared tempers between supporters and players. Racist remarks were thrown towards striker Demba Ba, while other players were confronted. Plates and glasses were broken as the two sides yelled back and forth before the situation died down as police officers arrived on the scene.

It is funny that these hooligan fans can act like such tough guys, but can do a 180 and sing this at games…

Green St. is a great movie, but this is just an extremely poor showing and lack of class from a group of idiots. Soccer hooliganism is real and it needs to stop or footy will continue to lose the respect and dignity it deserves.

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