Dirk makes it rain on my thought process

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Right as I was getting ready to stick it to the man, Dirk Nowitzki decided to show up and rain on my parade. While I was watching game four of the OKC-Dallas series last night, I could not get this certain thought out of my head…Why did NBA analysts put an end to both series after game three losses by the Thunder and the Bullls? In both cases, NBA coverage was sticking a proverbial fork into OKC and Chicago because they had lost game three.

My train of thought goes something like this…there are three games played…one of the two teams has to win two of them…what is the big deal?

So when I was sitting there last night, watching the OKC Thunder tear apart the Mavericks for 42 minutes, I could only think of how good it will feel to rip on the mainstream NBA coverage and their continued efforts to over-hype, over-analyze and over-scrutinize every single thing that goes on.

The Thunder led 99-84 with 6 minutes to go in game four and looked like a lock to even the series. I sat back and relaxed. I began to stop paying attention for a few minutes and browsed the internet. Some Facebook. Some Twitter. I look up and the lead is at 10. Still not enough to get me worried.

But then, Dirk went awooga on the Thunder.

Dirk scored 12 of the Mavericks last 17 points as they finished the game on a 17-2 run and forced overtime. 101-101. Not only did Dirk hit FTs and a three pointer during this stretch, but he hit two of the hardest shots imaginable. He continues to amaze me with his ability to hit spin move-one foot-hand in the face-fadeaways. Dallas did not take its first lead of the game until 16 seconds into the overtime period, but thanks to The Big German and his 40 points, they now lead 3-1 in the series.

Dallas is one win away from the NBA Finals. They were 6 minutes and one less James Harden foul from being tied 2-2 with a younger Thunder squad ready to pounce…NBA analysts were 6 minutes away from having to change their storylines yet again, and I was 6 minutes away from rubbing it in their faces.

Tonight gives me another opportunity to give them the business. The “down and out” Bulls can pull even in the series with a victory in Miami. They have a chance to make it a best of three series and make everyone go back on their words. The Thunder had that same chance, but Dirk made sure to wash that spider out.


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