Brian Sabean Apologizes, Marlins Still Villains

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For all the hate we give to LA, the Marlins have to be the Giants new greatest enemy. Sure, the deep rooted hatred between the Giants and Dodgers will never go away, but the two teams have not played a meaningful game since Brian Johnson’s historic home run in 1997.

After that great victory, the Giants would go on to face the Marlins who promptly swept them on their way to becoming the eventual World Series Champions. This series sparked the start of many years of Giants’ suffering at the hands of a team that is barely a Major League franchise. They play in a dilapidated football stadium, change their roster more than Lady Gaga changes outfits and are in a city where fans are too busy doing lines to attend their games. Yet, somehow they have two World Series Championships and continue to be the biggest reason why the Giants do not have more rings. In 2002, Livan Hernandez, former Marlins’ World Series MVP, was sent to the mound in game 7 and only lasted two innings, giving up all four runs that the Angels needed to break the hearts of every Giant fan and cost Barry Bonds his best chance at winning a World Series. Thanks, Livan way to pick an opportune time to choke.

The following year in 2003, the Giants looked primed to make it back to the World Series, and redeem their 2002 collapse. What stood in their way was a rematch with the wild-card champion Marlins. This series was supposed to be a cake walk until Jose “Mr. Wheelin’ It Big” Cruz Jr. drops a flyball late in Game 3 that allows the Marlins to come back and win. Then, in Game 4, the iconic image of Pudge Rodriguez holding the ball in his hand after tagging out JT Snow at home marked the end of an era for the Giants. Barry Bonds never made it back to the playoffs and the Marlins went on to capture their second World Series title with some help from Steve Bartman.

Finally, in 2010, former Marlin Edgar Renteria hits a World Series winning homer off Cliff Lee that sends the whole city into euphoria. Demons Exorcised! The Curse of the Fish is Squished!

No, the Marlins could not let us enjoy the moment. They send some scrub rookie Scott Cousins to take out the future of the Giants, Buster Posey and put his career in jeopardy. Posey is not only out for 2012 but may never be able to catch for the Giants again.

True, the play was still within baseball rules and the injury was somewhat of a freak accident, but the fact that it occurred against the Marlins and was easily avoidable is what should enrage Giants’ fans. Sabean responded with overly aggressive comments and the death threats that Cousins has received is unexcusable, yet he as well as any Marlins player should be vehemently hated. They have been destroying Giants hopes and dreams since 1997 and seem only to be in existence to pester the Giants.

All Giants fans are born to despise the Dodgers, but they should learn to loathe the Marlins.


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