Brandon Crawford is For Real – Joe Panik SS – St. Johns

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Think about coming up to the Majors and having the based loaded and hitting a bomb. Well straight from A Ball, Brandon Crawford did just that

3 Bagger

And posting up 8 RBIs in all in his first 13 games in the Majors and hitting a solid .268. I love this kid, I hope this this isn’t a fluke and this guy pans out but I also love the kid we just drafted who I will feature below.

Usually with the MLB draft fans shouldn’t really care because the results are literally a crapshoot. However if your a Giants fan it is a completely different situation. We should all care about who we pick and more specifically who Brian Sabean thinks we should take. I have the upmost trust in this man to always draft the best players and make the best trades when possible. Look at the results. World Series win with traded players or players taken off waivers or from our farm system with only a couple players we got through free agency. Look at our first round draft picks in the past few years…
2008 Buster Posey
2007 Madison Bumgarner
2006 Tim Lincecum
2002 Matt Cain

With the first pick the Giants selected Joe Panik out of St. Johns. He was the first middle infielder off the board and he has been described as almost “Jeter like” which is an amazing compliment and a bold statement about how good this kid could be. If there was anywhere the Giants really need some help it is in that area, think a future possible infield of this kid Panik at 3B, Brandon Crawford at SS, Freddy Sanchez at 2B for another 2 years with the extension earlier this year, and Belt at 1B. Take a minute and digest that Giants fans because that could our ticket to dominance because of our already proven young pitchers.

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